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Top Security Systems & Monitoring Professionals In Irvine & Surrounding Areas!

We are the go-to security system installation company in Irvine and surrounding cities. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

What We Do

Electronic Eye Security Inc. provides customized flexible, high-performance video surveillance and video verification solutions. We combine the most advanced wireless and video technologies, analytics, and mobile application management available with highly-trained security monitoring experts for one powerful video verification intrusion system.

What We Offer

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Genius View is a complete, proactive video alarm system that sends a short video clip with the alarm notification to the central station for immediate review. Genius View links the video with our 24-hour Dispatch center located in Huntington Beach for swift, professional police dispatch.

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Genius Surveillance records video using a time schedule, pixel motion detection, or alarm detection using traditional intrusion devices. The system utilizes a private network that can be accessed by network devices locally and remotely. The security system works on most mobile phones and computers.

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intrusion systems

Intrusion Systems

Intrusion systems offer protection by using motion detection to signal that your building's security may have been breached. The intrusion allows further steps to be taken for safety, such as calling the police if the situation calls for it.

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Surveillance Systems

Our professional surveillance systems send footage using an IP address. This allows the information to be sent from a camera in a remote area to a designated security dispatch location where the video monitoring occurs. No internet or electricity is required for our surveillance systems, making it an ideal choice for monitoring vacant buildings.

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access control

Access Control Systems

Electronic Eye Security Inc. proudly offers access control systems for business owners to have total control over who enters their buildings at all times. Access to facilities can even be blocked during specific times, per the business owner's discretion

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security system monitoring

Security System Monitoring

We offer 24/7 security system monitoring services from our dispatch center in Huntington Beach. Our trained staff will monitor your video footage and, depending on the situation, dispatch fire, medical, or police if necessary.

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video monitoring

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring gives business owners an "eye in the sky." It allows them to check in on employees at any time, monitoring employee actions, customer interactions, and property happenings.

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Areas We Help Provide Protection

We provide quality, professional security installation and monitoring services in the following cities

Why Choose Us?

Electronic Eye Security Inc. has been providing services to residents of Orange County and surrounding areas since 1989. Our mission statement is simple: Protect the people, places, and things that matter most to our customers.

We are incredibly proud to offer two of our proprietary services, Genius View and Genius Surveillance, both of which provide video verification of intrusion sent to our dispatch center to be analyzed.

We stand apart from our competitors by way of our M.A.D. Program.

M.A.D stands for "meticulous attention to details." We take our guarantees as seriously as we take security. You've got our ironclad commitment to the following 12 guarantees:


  1. We'll be there on time, or you will receive a Starbucks gift card from us!
  2. The price we quote will never change unless you approve it first.
  3. We won't stand on the furniture, play loud music or bother your employees.
  4. We'll leave your facility as clean or cleaner than we found it.
  5. This will be the most hassle-free security system you've ever had!
  6. We will not run bare wires down your walls.
  7. Everything will be installed perfectly level.
  8. We'll update you on the project along the way so that you're not left in the dark.
  9. All of our guarantees and warranties are in writing.
  10. If you're not 100% satisfied, let us know, and we'll reinstall that part of the job. If you're still unhappy, we'll deduct that part of the system from the bill, and it's FREE.
  11. We will train you and your employees on using the system.
  12. If we don't finish by your deadline, we will pay you $250 for each day we run behind.
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Our Happy Clients Include:

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Interactive Security System with Surveillance Installation in Corona del Mar, CA

Interactive Security System with Surveillance Installation in Corona del Mar, CA

Interactive Security System with Surveillance including Pro-Active Audio Deterrent Cameras. Also included a perimeter security system with Fire and CO detection. Service: Home Security System I […]

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Cloud Based Access Control in Newport Beach, CA

Cloud Based Access Control in Newport Beach, CA

This project consisted of a cloud based access control system with three-doors: one main entrance and two side entrances. We also used a a cloud based intercom with remote docking stations inside t […]

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Home Security System with Outdoor Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring in Los Angeles, CA

Home Security System with Outdoor Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring in Los Angeles, CA

This was a security system installation using a Home interior perimeter security system with Outdoor Intrusion detectors and surveillance monitored by our central station. Service: Home Security […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our systems provide an advanced level of protection against intruders and help keep your buildings and employees safe. Business owners can monitor who enters and leaves their buildings and at what times and can block or prevent ex-employees from entering. Our system also offers the option for certain employees to be able to enter at certain times. For example, if a business owner wanted to allow their managers after-hours access to the business but not regular employees, that is an option. We offer many types of access control, including passwords, PINS, and fingerprint scans.

Absolutely! Our video systems can connect remotely to your phone or another viewing device. A perk of our approach is that no internet or electricity is required to provide footage of your building, making remote viewing a breeze!

Yes. Our dispatch center, located in Huntington Beach, is on call 24/7 to monitor your property. Our video systems allow dispatchers to analyze the situation if a camera detects an issue and call either fire, medical, or police if necessary. Owners are always notified of any camera detections on their properties and our dispatchers' steps to resolve the problem.

Electronic Eye Security Inc. services all properties, from businesses to homes to vacant buildings. We can also monitor outdoor areas such as parking lots, pool areas, parks, and outdoor bar or dining areas.

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