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About Electronic Eye Security Inc. - Your Trusted Irvine Security System Installer

Electronic Eye Security Inc.

For professional security systems in Irvine, Electronic Eye Security Inc. is a business you can rely on to keep your property safe and protected.

Like most young boys, our owner, Michael K. Houser, enjoyed playing "cops and robbers" with his buddies. Michael had to be the good guy every time… bringing pint-sized evil-doers to justice with his trusty blue squirt gun. Young Houser possessed an inherent need to keep the community safe.

When he wasn't busy keeping the peace, he was cutting his teeth in the real world. After school and on weekends, you'd often find him working side-by-side with his dad, who had built his own business in the electric trade. From the first time he tagged along with his pop, Michael knew he was destined to be an entrepreneur. It was in his blood.

Besides soaking up every bit of knowledge from his dad, Michael also picked up side jobs whenever possible. The extra cash allowed him to pursue interests like Jujitsu—the martial art that taught him the discipline and focus essential to building a successful business.

While working with his dad, Michael Houser got his first glimpse into the security installer world. His father's company picked up an account that included a security component. Since security was not a core competency, Michael learned everything he needed to know to configure the security system installation process successfully. Michael continued to learn his craft on the job and through trade school. As his expertise grew, he noticed that the security schematics, installation, and service quality was seriously lacking in the security installer industry. He decided the best way he could make a difference and elevate the level of service was to start his own business as a security installer. So, in 1989, Michael launched Electronic Eye Security Inc..

Michael's security system installer business today serves multi-million dollar clients and offers access control, video monitoring, and 24/7 surveillance systems services. Electronic Eye Security Inc. is the number one security system installer and monitor in Irvine and surrounding cities.

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