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Leading Security Systems Professional Serving Huntington Beach

Huntington beach intrusion systems

We proudly service the entire Huntington Beach area, providing the best service in security system installation for our customers.

Lovingly called "Surf City," Huntington Beach is home to five beaches and many beach activities, such as surfing, fishing, bonfires, and pier strolling. Aside from the beach, you can find many activities, including parks, nature centers, farmers' markets, museums, and shopping.

If you're into the nightlife scene, Huntington Beach will not disappoint. You can find plenty of restaurants, breweries, wine bars, and lounges, many of which are pet friendly.

Call us today at 800-803-1992 for all your Huntington Beach security needs!

Elite Huntington Beach Security Camera Services

We understand the importance our Huntington Beach residents place on protecting their businesses and homes. Electronic Eye Security Inc. is here to serve our customers by providing extensively monitored security camera systems.

"This is simply the best security company around! Michael is so knowledgeable; he truly deserves to call himself THE Security Genius. This company cannot be recommended highly enough by my family and me."

-Joshua Rear, homeowner

Our monitoring team is here to provide you with around-the-clock services, providing the ultimate protection for your home or business. Your cameras will be monitored, and if an alert does occur, our team can fully evaluate the situation and dispatch fire, medical, or police services if needed.

Huntington Beach Security System Installation

Why choose Electronic Eye Security Inc. for your Huntington Beach security system needs?

Our founder, Michael K. Houser, known as "The Security Genius," has more than 65,000 hours of expertise in keeping businesses and homes in Huntington Beach and surrounding areas safe. We understand that your needs are different from everybody else out there. That's why our team never uses a "cookie-cutter" approach with our services and remains personally committed to ensuring each Electronic Eye Security Inc. customer receives outstanding service and protection. Michael has lived in Orange County his entire life and cares deeply about keeping this community safe.

Day or night, we are here to provide not only video monitoring services but technical services as well. If you have any issues with your system malfunctioning, contact us, and we'll be there to resolve the problem. We provide the utmost care for our customers and want you to know that we will be there when you need us!

All businesses and homeowners we service have extra peace of mind knowing their properties are being watched and crimes and accidents are being prevented.

Reviews & Testimonials on Electronic Eye Security Inc. in Huntington Beach, CA

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