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Irvine Access Control Systems For Complete Control Over Your Property Access

Access control systems

Electronic Eye Security Inc. provides professional access control system consultations, installation, and monitoring within the Irvine area. Residents and business owners of Irvine can have total peace of mind for the safety of their properties with the monitoring that an access control system provides.

What Is Electronic Access Control?

Access control systems protect businesses and other properties by requiring physical authentication for entrance. Authentication can be obtained in several ways, most commonly with passwords, personal identification numbers (PINS), or a biometric scan, such as a fingerprint. Electronic access control systems allow the business or building owner to monitor who enters or leaves a facility and pinpoint when specific individuals are on or have left the property. Access control systems can help monitor which days at a business are the busiest and most active by the number of bodies entering and exiting and allow business owners to tailor business hours and openings to those needs.

Electronic Access Control Is Right For Your Property

Our video monitoring and verification solutions are reliable, high-performing, and hassle-free. Our systems are ideal for businesses, construction sites, unoccupied buildings, and remote locations. Business or property owners can effectively and efficiently verify who enters their facilities from a different place. The main goal of our intrusion systems is to protect your property and provide owners with complete knowledge of who has access to their buildings. Here are some of the reasons electronic access control systems are so beneficial:

  • Our software virtually eliminates the possibility of false alarms, saving you time and worry.
  • No power? No internet? Not a problem. Our electronic access control can act without either.
  • Powerfully protect the safety of your employees, residents, customers, students, etc.
  • Occupancy tracking is an added bonus; you'll know who enters and exits your building daily.
  • Access times can be easily adjusted. You'll have the power to decide when and when not people can access your building.
  • Eliminate the use of traditional keys, and avoid former employees who may have a key copy access to your facility.
  • Employees are free to go before or after work hours safely.

Our founder, Michael K. Houser, known as "The Security Genius," has more than 65,000 hours of expertise in keeping businesses, homes, and the people in them safe. We understand that your needs differ from others in the area, and we're here to give you the ultimate personalized experience in Irvine security systems and access control.

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