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Irvine Intrusion Systems: Motion Detection, Access Sensors, & More

Intrusion systems

Electronic Eye Security Inc. can bring peace of mind to your Irvine business or home with our intrusion systems, including motion detection and door and window sensors.

Intrusion systems are devices that monitor your home or business for suspicious activity. Malicious activity is then reported to a security information management system. One of the most beneficial aspects of an intrusion system is quick detection. An alert from an intruder can be generated, and authorities can be swiftly notified if necessary. When a company or resident has an intrusion system in place, the risk of a crime, robbery, or injury is significantly decreased, and the business or home's most important assets are protected. Intrusion systems are just one of many security systems for Irvine residents we offer at Electronic Eye Security Inc..

A Variety of Sensor Options For Your Home or Business

Electronic Eye Security Inc. offers our customers many options for motion sensor detection for your home and business. A motion sensor detects an intruder in a specified area, sends an alert to your control panel, then contacts your security monitoring center.

  • Infrared sensors - These sensors specifically detect warm-blooded animals by registering infrared radiation emitted by the animal. The sensor responds to the radiation by emitting electricity, which alerts the control panel. These types of sensors are commonly used indoors and tend to be very economical because of their durability and long lifespan.
  • Ultrasonic sensors- Ultrasonic sensors are set off by sounds, like glass breaking or someone prying open a door. A downside of ultrasonic sensors is that they can be extremely sensitive, leading to false alerts. They also tend to be on the more expensive side.
  • Microwave sensors - Microwave sensors generate microwave pulses, usually a clicking or knocking sound, and then calculate their reflection off objects. Microwave sensors can also be very sensitive and use a large amount of power; therefore, they usually have off-and-on cycles.
  • Tomographic sensors - Because they are relatively expensive, they are typically used in warehouses, storage units, and other places that need a high level of security. Tomographic sensors can even detect waves through walls and other objects.

Professional Motion Detection For the Irvine Area

Electronic Eye Security Inc.'s motion detection and security system monitoring services work hand in hand to keep our customers safe. As soon as a customer's motion detector senses activity, our security system monitoring service will analyze the situation and consult authorities immediately if necessary. This provides our customers with complete peace of mind regarding keeping their business, residence, or other property safe!

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