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Security System Monitoring For Peace Of Mind About Your Irvine Property

Security system monitoring

Residents of Irvine can take comfort in knowing Electronic Eye Security Inc. provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week security system monitoring for their homes and businesses. Around the clock, we'll have security monitoring professionals ready to detect and diagnose any problems your system detects.

24/7 Security Monitoring Service

It's a no-brainer...24/7 security system monitoring is the best way to keep your business, home, or property safe. Here are some of the many benefits full-time security monitoring has to offer:

  1. Protect your investments - Robbery and criminal intrusion can be detrimental to a business or residence. You can protect your assets to the fullest extent with around-the-clock security monitoring services.
  2. Discourage criminal activity or intruders - Our company's signage posted outside your home or business lets possible intruders know that you mean business when it comes to keeping your property safe. Stickers indicating your protection service will also be posted on all exterior doors and windows.
  3. Appeal to new employees - Employees at your business will feel safe and protected with fully monitored access to and from your building. This is a huge selling point when attracting new employees.
  4. Provide peace of mind - You can rest easy knowing that Electronic Eye Security Inc. security systems for Irvine and surrounding areas protect your property professionally and thoroughly.
  5. Lessen your workload - Leave security issues to us so you can handle other important aspects of your business and take a load off your mind.
  6. Protect yourself legally - With full-time security monitoring and video monitoring, all visitors' entrance to and exit from your building will be monitored. You will know, down to the second, who is coming and going in case a legal question ever comes into play.

24/7 Security System Monitoring Can Lower Insurance Costs

Most insurance companies provide an insurance deduction - even as much as 20 percent - for businesses that have installed a fully monitored security system with cameras. It may seem expensive to install an entire security system, but not having one could cost you even more in the long run. Burglary and theft account for a significant amount of insurance claims. Having a security system appeals to insurance companies enough for them to offer a discount to business owners whose businesses are fully protected. Insurance rates are set based on the level of risk; having a 24/7 security system monitoring in place can lower these risk levels.

For quality security systems for Irvine, contact Electronic Eye Security Inc. today!

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