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Surveillance Systems: Having Eyes On Your Irvine Property At All Times

Surveillance systems

Electronic Eye Security Inc. offers 24/7 surveillance services for your home or business in the Irvine area, and we better our customers' lives by stopping property crime before it happens.

Our surveillance system services in Irvine range from security camera purchasing, installation, and monitoring to CCTV, a closed-circuit television system. Adding either of these services to your business adds an extra layer of unsurpassed protection.

We guarantee your installation will be 100% hassle-free; we will leave your facility as clean as we found it, never bother your employees, and never leave unsightly exposed wires on your walls. Our work is efficient, neat, and guaranteed in writing!

Security Cameras & CCTV

Many business owners often wonder what the difference between security and surveillance cameras is. Security cameras, also known as CCTV (closed-circuit television), use signals to send information from the camera to a monitor in a completely different location. The signal a CCTV camera sends travels along a closed circuit, which is not readily available for public viewing.

On the other hand, a surveillance camera typically sends footage using an IP address. This allows the information to be sent from a camera in a remote area to a designated secure location where the video monitoring occurs.

"Before opening our business, we knew we had to be proactive when it came to our security. Because we use controlled drugs on-site, it was a major safety and liability concern to have anything but the best. The best is what we found with Electronic Eye Security Inc.."

Happy Tails Animal Hospital, Garden Grove, CA

As a company dedicated to protecting its customers, Electronic Eye Security Inc. proudly offers surveillance systems and security camera installation and monitoring to provide maximum safety and protection for our customers.

Genius Surveillance

Genius Surveillance is a system we use to monitor activity by recording videos. These videos are recorded using a timed schedule, motion detection, or alarm detection triggers. The system runs through a private network, never public, and can be accessed locally and remotely by network devices. The Genius Surveillance System works on most computers and cell phones and does not need electricity or internet to do its job. We do not require a long-term agreement for our Genius Survellience services, and we offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor camera options. Genius Survellience and its sister program, Genius View, are two proprietary programs we provide that we are most proud of! Contact us today to set up your personalized Genius Surveillance system, video monitoring, and other security system needs for Irvine and surrounding areas.

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