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Adding Timers to Improve Your Security System

Security system timers

Electronic Eye Security Inc. always looks out for our Irvine residents, and that includes sharing tips and tricks that can make their security systems run more smoothly and efficiently. Adding a timer to your security system does not only allow people to enter and exit between certain times at the owner's discretion, but it can also allow owners to control building functions like HVAC units and lights.

"After experiencing a prior break-in and having our iMacs stolen, we truly appreciate the peace of mind Electronic Eye Security Inc. gives us. We value the fact that we can see which employees are entering and exiting the premises when we're not there and that we have the control required to keep down costs by managing the office temperature and lights remotely."

-Scott and Shelly Southall, Aha Image Studios

Benefits to Your Security System

Many businesses, most of them, have set business hours and are not open 24 hours a day. Understandably, a business owner would want to restrict activity in and out of the building when the business is closed. Electronic Eye Security Inc. has an easy solution for that! Our access control systems can restrict employees and visitors from entering after certain hours. Our access control system allows specific persons to enter the building after hours but restricts others. For example, if a business owner wants to allow managers access to the building at all times but chooses to limit the remaining employees to enter during business hours only, we can make that happen. This provides a heightened level of security and keeps unwanted visitors out of the building during times when the building may not be as closely monitored by managerial staff. The risk of employee fraud, theft, and misconduct is significantly reduced.

Benefits to Your Electric Bill

Electronic Eye Security Inc. can also help save you money by helping monitor your lights and HVAC system at your home or business. Our access control system allows lights to come on or shut off at certain times. We can provide this service for both interior and exterior lights. Many people do not realize the critical role lighting plays in a building's security measures. It is a significant deterrent for intruders, and well-lit facilities and parking areas make it easier for law enforcement officers to spot suspicious activity during nighttime hours. We also offer motion detection for outdoor lighting, which provides an extra layer of safety for your building. We can keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter by turning air conditioning and heat off when employees leave and back on a short time before the business's opening, which is a money saver for the business owner!

Call us today at 800-803-1992 to inquire how we can help you save money on your building's electric bill by reducing electricity usage.

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