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Five Ways to Burglar Proof Your Business

Burglar proof business

For a business owner, your business investments are your most important assets. Let us help you provide the maximum security for your investment with one of our top-of-the-line security monitoring systems. With 68,000 hours of security experience, we consider it our mission to make Orange County safer, one client at a time.

Our Mission Statement is "To protect the people, places, and things that matter most."

Below are five surefire ways to better protect your Irvine business from burglars and intruders:

  1. Light it up: Most burglaries at businesses happen at night. Keeping your outdoor area surrounding your business brightly lit will help deter this. No criminal wants to be "in the spotlight" when committing a crime, so ensure outdoor areas are well-lit, especially those surrounding doors, windows, and other entrance or exit points. Another way to add extra protection to outdoor areas is to avoid tall bushes or hedges as a landscaping option. These provide intruders with optimum hiding spaces and prevent law enforcement from having a complete view of your building.
  2. Secure doors AND windows: Locking doors to keep homes and businesses safe has been a no-brainer for years. However, business owners often overlook protecting windows. Burglars consistently check for an unlocked door or window, so it is important to secure both. Electronic Eye Security Inc. can provide access sensors for both doors and windows to ensure that you know 24/7 when access to your building has been obtained.
  3. Keep track of who is coming and going: Did you know that it is estimated that 25-40% of all employees steal from their workplace? This is why it is imperative to know who enters and leaves your building, whether during business hours or not. Unfortunately, even if it is someone you trust, theft can happen. Another way to combat employee theft is to have 24/7 video monitoring on the premises. Employees who understand they are consistently being monitored are far less likely to commit a workplace crime.
  4. Community watch: Do you have neighboring businesses? Are homes relatively close to your company? Form a neighborhood watch group. Other business owners will also appreciate this, as it protects their business! Other businesses and homes may also have video monitoring services that could catch suspicious action at your building from a different angle, which can be helpful to law enforcement.
  5. Video monitoring: Video monitoring can be a massive addition to your business's safety protocols. Video monitoring essentially means a professional not on the grounds of the company is monitoring your camera footage for you and will notify you of any suspicious activity noted or alarms or sensors set off, providing the ultimate peace of mind!
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